Threads Dead, Baby...Threads Dead

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December 12, 2018


The digital graveyard is a testament to the rise and fall of numerous social media apps like Friendster, Myspace, YikYak, Vine and Google + just to name a few. For a top 10 list jump on over to Search Engine Journal – but only after finishing this blog, of course. Is Threads destined to need a tombstone? The once-hailed intimate space for connecting with close friends has seen a stark decline in usage. Users have slowly migrated back to more prominent platforms, leaving the Threads App to wither in their wake. “Engagement with the social media app is down 79% from a high of 2.3 million active users in early July (2023) to 576,000 as of 7 August (2023)” According to The Guardian. But don’t be a hater here because Threads is currently sitting at the #1 position for the fastest growing app… EVER. The app saw 100 Million users in just 5 days. Was it only a meteoric rise only to plummet weeks later? 

Chapter 1: The Twitter Killer

When Threads first burst onto the scene, it was heralded as Instagram's answer to private, focused communication – some even dubbed it “The Twitter Killer.” Instagram launched with a unique camera-first design, status updates, and an exclusive inbox, it promised users an oasis of genuine interactions in the desert of digital noise. Instagram, aiming to cater to a niche yet essential audience, hoped Threads would complement its main platform by fostering deeper connections and positive communication.

Chapter 2: A Titan

However, Instagram’s overarching success might have inadvertently shadowed its own offspring. With billions of active users, a vast array of features, and a constant evolution to meet user demands, Instagram remains a titan in the world of social media. Its ability to adapt and integrate various functionalities, from stories to reels, has made it the go-to platform for many, leaving little room for a newcomer, even if it's from its own family. Side note: Wow Mark Zuckerberg is great at stealing from other apps! More to come on that in this blog. (Add Link)

Chapter 3: Formerly Known As

Speaking of titans, X, formerly known as Twitter, has also stood its ground. With its emphasis on real-time updates, brevity, and global conversations, X has maintained a distinct identity in the digital space. Its recent innovations and the rebranding have further solidified its position, drawing users into its unique blend of information and interaction. All of this and X is just getting started with Elon’s goal of the “everything app” it seems that only 1 person currently knows the full potential of the platform! Read more about the crazy features that X has rolled out over the past few months. (Add Link)

Chapter 4: Is This The End?

So, as we possibly bid adieu to Threads, one can't help but wonder: is it really the end? While Threads as a standalone may have slowed down quite a bit, who's to say its features won't find a new home? Could Instagram, in its ever-evolving nature, integrate the essence of Threads, ensuring its spirit lives on? Will Threads reach out for a helping hand right before it’s last breath? Maybe.

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